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Anonymous: I went through and skimmed what he said.. And what I got out of it was that he despises ISIS and wants their way of thinking wiped off that map. Not all Muslims just the radical minority that uses their holy bible the way a lot of christians use theirs to condemn queer persons. Idk.. Though.. I only saw his side of the conversation.

He also referred to Islam as a cancer that is poisoned by violence thus instantly condemning  and insulting the religion that all Muslims follow. He also mentioned something along the lines that Islamophobia is in fact a justifiable feeling. I do agree with him about the ISIS, there’s no argument there. These people are a bunch of lunatics. However, the more he spoke, the more it seemed he thought very little of Muslims and was using the ISIS and even Hamas to shed some light on his hatred or fear of Islam.

He literally wanted Muslims to edit their religion to the ways of Western culture especially in terms of human rights. First of all, if he were in the very least aware or educated on the preachings of Islam regarding human rights, animal rights, environmental rights, etc. he wouldn’t be saying that at all. Secondly, that is the most superior and insulting thing to say to people of other cultures, because the vast majority of Muslims are normal human beings that are humane and just flipping normal, but he seems to think that Muslims should for whatever reason edit their religion and culture (that he isn’t even educated about) that is actually just fine the way it is due to the doing of a few highly disgusting and publicized people?

The only reason that a lot of ‘Muslim’ countries, such as Syria, Egypt, Libya, Algeria have been going through lots of unrest and violence is due to the simple fact that the people of the country have gotten sick of the way they get treated by the government and decided to stick up for themselves. The governments then decide to treat peace with endless and horrific violence. You think that’s just a ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islamic’ thing then see Ferguson. Why am I mentioning this? Because these countries can’t be used to show how ‘violent’ or how crazy people in the middle east or Africa are. It isn’t a matter of race or religion like he seems to think. Muslims, Arabs, what not, are just normal and civil people, save for the few people that every culture has. So while he seems to acknowledge that for a while, the more he continued to argue the less that showed and the more he seemed to generalize.

I’m going to end this by saying that I’m not a professional at such things but I am however a Muslim girl that lives in the middle east and leads a very normal and happy life. I am however more aware of what is going on here and the truth of things happening around me that the media insists on getting wrong due to their bias and prejudice. I hope this in the very least helped you, sweetie. Feel free to argue, discuss, whatever is you would like :)

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x Jared watches Jensen sing at Vancon

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Jensen retweeted his and Jareds ‘selfie’ from set within literally a matter of seconds of jared tweeting it. *dies*


this post is about zouis it’s a masterpost
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I have lost all my respect and love towards Mark pellegrino. His twitter argument and his imo racist, uneducated views hurt me, angered me and left me drained of any hope.



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Letting go in your brother’s arms.

2x21 || 8x23

I feel like writing a zouis fic or a drabble but I’ve got no ideas, if you’ve got any prompts or ideas then shoot me a message and I will hopefully be inspired to fill them :)


Thanks my friend Layla!!x

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"…having a partner in crime is really the way to go…" - Jensen Ackles [ComicCon 2014]

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It may seem like I’m a sarcastic asshole 24/7, but I’m actually only a sarcastic asshole 18/7 because at night I actually have feelings.

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How do people end up in relationship after relationship after relationship and I can’t find a single person to even find me remotely interesting for a solid ten seconds? 

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